Klutch KT02 Gunmetal
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Klutch KT02 Gunmetal

Klutch KT02 Gunmetal

Product Description

Klutch KT02 Gunmetal has earned a distinguished and respectable reputation in the wheels and rims market. The popularity can be attributed to the quality and uniqueness of each wheel manufactured by Klutch Wheels. Klutch KT02 Gunmetal are available in different sizes and bolt patterns. These include 17 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, and 24 inch wheels.

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Delivery for Klutch Wheels is international, with products arriving to your door from the USA. Please contact us direct for a competitive shipping quote that could have that part in your hands sooner than you think!
Please allow up to 3 working days to process your request. We will then send you your quote and show you how to place the order.

Expect delivery within 4 weeks for most items but check individual descriptions. Once the specifics of each order have been confirmed, and the purchase made, we will notify you regarding an estimated delivery time and final quote.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

For custom specifications please ensure you send the following:
Diameter of wheel
Width of Wheel
Bolt Pattern
Colours and Finishes (Face, Lip, Drum) Depending on 1-Piece, 2-Piece or 3-Piece.

Please remember to leave your Full Name, Email, Phone Number and Full Postal Address too.

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