Stage 4 Kit
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Stage 4 Kit


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Devilsown Stage 4 Kit

  • Controls 1 or 2 Water Methanol Injection (WMI) pumps in forced induction petrol or diesel setups 

  • Industry’s first fully-configurable 3D map PWM duty control based on Engine RPM and Boost - not available typical "progressive" controllers

  • 4 General Purpose Outputs can be used for controlling boost control solenoids, anti-siphon solenoids, Fast Acting Valves, auxiliary high-impedance injectors, staged injection solenoids, lamps, relays, LEDs, or 3rd party Electronic Boost Controllers (EBCs)
  • CANBus integration allows injection control based on parameters broadcast on the particular vehicle's internal CAN network

  • Ideally suited for Direct Injection or staged Water Methanol setups

  • Advanced built-in safety features not available on other rudimentary Water Methanol Injection controllers

  • Fully customisation operation with easy to use TorqTune PC software

  • TorqTune software also provides real-time data viewing, data logging and data playback of all system parameters for unprecedented ease of system tuning

The stage 4 controller is the most advanced programmable water methanol pump controller on the market. It is capable of simultaneously driving two individually-controllable water methanol injection (WMI) pumps and four individually controllable anti-siphon solenoids, Fast Acting W/M injection valves, auxiliary high impedance injectors or any combination thereof. It has two pump outputs is capable of supplying up to 15A to the connected pump.

Stage 4 Controller Strategy: 

Standard progressive controllers can only drive a single delivery pump. They also usually have only a single channel for driving an optional anti-siphon on/off solenoid valve. This makes them somewhat less than optimal for use in direct injection set-ups or staged set-ups that require a lot of stages.

The higher-end European controllers can only drive a single delivery pump and one “fast response valve”. They cannot be configured for multiple stages of delivery, but they are provided with optional direct injection manifolds for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder configurations.

Our stage 4 controller can drive two delivery pumps and four on/off solenoids or “fast response valves” or two of each solenoid type. The users can implement a VPD control approach based on RPM, boost or another 0-5V signal of their choice. They can also implement the FPD-VSD control strategy that is based on RPM, boost or another 0-5V signal. Because the Controller has two PWM pump outputs and two General Purpose outputs (GPOs) which can either drive On/Off solenoids or PWM “fast response valves”, the user can implement a hybrid VPD/FPD-VSD control strategy or something completely new and unique.

One Stage - Intake mounted nozzle

 One Stage - Direct Injection / Manifold mounted nozzle with anti-siphon solenoid

Two Stage - Intake mounted nozzles

Two Stage - Direct Injection / Manifold mounted nozzles with anti-siphon solenoids

Three Stage - Intake mounted nozzles

Three Stage - Direct Injection / Manifold mounted nozzles with anti-siphon solenoids

Four Stage - Intake mounted nozzles

TorqTune Software

In spite of its sophistication, the software is extremely easy to install and configure with our intuitive TorqTune PC software.

TorqTune Table Edit Screen

This free software allows users to fully configure the operation of the Controller. Certain parameters, such as duty cycle maps, can be adjusted with the engine running for real-time tuning. Additionally, TorqTune allows the user to live view many of the unit’s internal parameters, log them to a file and save them for later playback or for sharing with others. These advanced functions allow the user to observe the effects of various configuration changes in order to achieve unprecedented control of their methanol injection and/or fuel pump operation.

TorqTune LiveView Tab

TorqTune software can store your Controllers configuration settings in special TTINI files that you can store on your hard drive or share with other users. Other users' configuration files can be loaded into your Controller and used "as-is" provided your set-up is the same as the other user's or they can be used as a starting point for your own customization. TorqTune software can also log and play back saved log files which can be analysed in TorqTune or in Excel. These features make the Controller and TorqTune ideal for tuners who need to work on their customers' vehicles remotely.

The feature set provided by our controller and its accompanying TorqTune software is not available with any other water methanol injection or fuel control system.

A Controller that Evolves with your Setup

If you don't need all of the Controllers advanced functionality right away, you can use TorqTune to configure the Controller to operate as a dumb "progressive" controller equipped with two adjustment trim-pots for manually setting the pump activation boost point and the "full pump speed" boost point.

The controller is designed to be future-proof. Its internal unit firmware can be upgraded from your PC so you can continue to take advantage of new features and enhancements as they are rolled out. Simply download the latest firmware from our website and reflash your Controller from the TorqTune software. As always, all firmware and software updates are free for all our customers and our dealers.

Block wiring diagram is shown below:CM5-LTS Block Diagram

Industry’s First TRUE 3D WMI Pump Duty Mapping

The Controllers water methanol injection delivery is fully digital and is completely customizable by the user through a 16x16 table (i.e. a 256 point map) which is downloaded into the unit.

Other water methanol kit providers state that their pump controllers are "digital", but what do they really mean by that. Sure, some of them come with a basic "digital" display that shows parameters like boost or pump duty, but how truly "digital" is their internal operation? As a true digital controller, the Controller is built around a fast microprocessor that performs 2-dimensional linear interpolation simultaneously in both vertical (boost or voltage) and horizontal (RPM) axes to generate pump duty values which change smoothly and gradually between all adjacent table cells. This is the same algorithm used in today's modern Engine Control Units (ECUs).

Need extra water meth at a certain RPM & boost point, in an otherwise linear map? No problem

Need to add a small dip in water meth delivery required at another RPM & boost point? No problem.

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